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Abe, K., Y. Ichimura, et al. (2000). 1, 2 & 3 color design collection: the world's most imaginative use of limited color in graphic design. Tokyo, P.I.E. Books.

Abendroth, U. (1999). World design: the best in classic and contemporary furniture, fashion, graphics and more. San Francisco, Calif., Chronicle.

Ackland-Snow, N., N. Brett, et al. (1996). Fly: the art of the club flyer. London, Thames & Hudson.

Adams, J. A. and L. M. Billow (1988). Descriptive geometry and geometric modeling: a basis for design. New York; London, Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

Adams, S., N. Morioka, et al. (2004). Logo design workbook: a hands-on guide to creating logos. Gloucester, Mass., Rockport Publishers.

Advisory Group on Computer, G. (1994). The use of I.T. in art and design: case studies. [Loughborough, AGOCG.

Agoston, M. K. (2005). Computer graphics and geometric modeling: implementation and algorithms. London, Springer.

Agoston, M. K. (2005). Computer graphics and geometric modeling: mathematics. London, Springer-Verlag.

Ahearn, L. (2001). 3D game art: f/x & design. Scottsdale, AZ, Coriolis.

Akman, V., P. J. W. t. Hagen, et al., Eds. (1989). Intelligent CAD systems II: implementational issues. Eurographic seminars. Berlin; New York, Springer-Verlag.

Albada, L. E. W. v. (1955). Graphical design of optical systems. London, Pitman.

Albertson, R., J. Fine, et al. (1995). Designer's guide to the Internet. Indianapolis, Hayden Books.

Albrecht, D., E. Lupton, et al. (2000). Design culture now: National Design Triennial. New York, Princeton Architectural Press.

Aldersey-Williams, H. (1988). New American design: products and graphics for a post-industrial age. New York, Rizzoli.

Al-Faiz, H. F. (1990). A well-designed user interface applied to computer graphics studies of symmetry.

Allen, L. (2002). AutoCAD 2002 inside & out: Lynn Allen. Lawrence, Kan.; [Great Britain], CMP Books.

Ambasz, E. and A. Museum of Modern (1972). Italy: the new domestic landscape; achievements and problems of Italian design. New York, distributed by New York Graphic Society, Greenwich, Conn.

Ambasz, E. and M. Bellini (1988). Emilio Ambasz: the poetics of the pragmatic; architecture, exhibit, industrial and graphic design. New York, Rizzoli.

Ambrose, G. (2003). The fundamentals of creative design. Worthing, AVA.

Ambrose, G., P. Harris, et al. (2003). This end up: original approaches to packaging design. Mies, Switzerland, Hove, RotoVision.

American Center for, D. (1999). The 100 show: the nineteenth annual of the American Center for Design. Hove, RotoVision.

American Institute of Graphic, A. (1980). Graphic design USA:1: the annual of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. New York, Watson-Guptill Publications.

American Institute of Graphic, A. and C. Grolier (1948). American type designers and their type faces on exhibit, September 29 to October 30, 1948. [New York, American Institute of Graphic Arts.

American National Standards Institute. Committee, Y., C. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Standards, et al. (1971). IEEE standard and American National Standard graphic symbols for electrical and electronics diagrams including reference designation class designation letters. New York, IEEE.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Committee on Standards for Graphic, P. (1938). Time-Series Charts: A manual of design and construction American Standard. [S.l.], The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Amstutz, W. (1962). Who's who in graphic art: an illustrated book of reference to the world's leading graphic designers, illustrators, typographers and cartoonists. Zurich, Amstutz & Herdeg Graphis Press.

Anake, N. (2000). A century of Thai graphic design. London, Thames & Hudson.

Anderson Charles, R. (1969). Lettering. With illustrations by the author and Anita L. Anderson. New York, etc., Van Nostrand Reinhold Co.

Andreev, R. D. (1993). Graphics systems: architecture and realization. Amsterdam, North-Holland.

Andres, C. (2002). Designing online identities: successful graphic strategies for brands on the Web. Gloucester, Mass., Rockport Publishers.

Andrew, G. and A. Royal College of (1984). Design and multidimensional representation: An explanation of the problems of representing and interpreting multivariate data using graphical and computer graphics techniques. London, Royal College of Art.

Angell, I. O. (1985). Computer geometric art. New York, Dover.

Anikst, M. A. and E. Chernovitch (1990). Russian graphic design: [1880-1917]. London, Studio Vista.

Anikst, M. A., E. Chernevich, et al. (1987). Soviet commercial design of the twenties. London, Thames and Hudson in association with Alexandria Press.

Appleton, C. (1985). European emigrés and their contribution to graphic design in Britain during the 1950s and 1960s. Reading, University of Reading.

Arnold, E., P. Senker, et al. (1983). Designing the future - the implications of CAD interactive graphics for employment and skills in the British engineering industry. Watford, EITB.

Arnold, E., P. Senker, et al. (1983). Designing the future: the implications of CAD interactive graphics for employment and skills in the British engineering industry; a report prepared for the Engineering Industry Training Board by E. Arnold and P. Senker. Watford, EITB.

Arnstein, J. (1983). The international dictionary of graphic symbols. London, Kogan Page.

Arntson, A. E. (2003). Graphic design basics. Belmont, Calif., London, Thomson/Wadsworth.

Art Directors Club of, E. (1999). Best of European design & advertising. London, Laurence King.

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