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Art Directory, L. (1977). AD the art directory: photographers, graphic designers, illustrators. London, The Art Directory Limited.

Art Gallery of, O. and y. Bauhaus (1969). Bauhaus: 50 years: supplement: Bauhaus graphics [and] painting, sculpture, graphics supplement. Toronto, Art Gallery of Ontario in cooperation with the National Design Council.

Arts Council of Great, B. (1967). Industrial devices: an exhibition of 19th. century graphic designs and company motifs, 7 - 21 January, 1967. London, Arts Council of Great Britain.

Arwas, V., J. Brabcová-Orlíková, et al. (1998). Alphonse Mucha--the spirit of art nouveau. Alexandria, Va., Art Services International in association with Yale University Press.

Ashdown, N., A. Support Initiative for Multimedia, et al. (1995). The Virtual Reality Modelling Language in art and design higher education. [Loughborough], Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications.

Ashford, J. (2002). The arts and crafts computer: using your computer as an artist's tool. Berkeley, Calif.; [Great Britain], Peachpit Press.

Ashford, J. and J. Odam (1998). Getting started with 3D: a designer's guide to 3D graphics and illustration. Berkeley, Calif., Peachpit Press.

Ashwin, C. (1983). History of graphic design and communication: a source book. London, Pembridge Press.

Associates, S. G. S. (1979). Graphic design & illustration. London (3 St Andrews Place, Regents Park NW1 4LB), Careers and Occupational Information Centre.

Association for Science, E. (2004). "Laboratory design for teaching and learning.".

Atamanova, L. and o. Spilka khudozhnykiv Ukraïny Kharkivs'ka (1998). Mystets'ki shliakhy Kharkivshchyny: zhyvopys, hrafika, skul'ptura, dekoratyvno-uzhytkove mystetstvo, stsenohrafiia, dyzain seredovyshcha = The Paths of art in the Kharkiv Region: painting, graphics, sculpture, arts and crafts, stage decoration, design. Kharkiv, Mystetstvo.

Atelier, W. (2000). The design work of Atelier Works. London, Atelier Works.

Atherton William, H. (1905). An Introduction to the Design of Beams, Girders and Columns in machines and structures, with examples in graphic statics, etc. London, C. Griffin & Co.

Atherton, W. H. (1905). An introduction to the design of beams, girders, and columns in machines and structures: with examples in graphic statics. London, C. Griffin & Co.

Atherton, W. H. (1905). Introduction to design of beams, girders, columns, in machines and structures; examples in graphic statics, London.

Atkinson, M. P. and L. Infotech (1980). Data design. Maidenhead, Infotech Limited.

Attwood, J. (2002). Graphic products. Oxford, Heinemann.

Attwood, J. (2004). Revise for product design: graphics with materials technology. Advanced design and technology for Edexcel. Oxford, Heinemann Educational.

Attwood, J., K. Bolling, et al. (2002). Graphic products. Oxford, Heinemann Educational.

Austen, B. and C. Design (1986). Techniques of sketching: an introduction to some of the graphic techniques students and designers can use to clarify their ideas and present them to clients. Students at work. [London], Design Council: 44slides.

Austin, J. (2002). Graphic originals: designers who work beyond the brief. Mies; Hove, RotoVision.

Austin, J. and K. Designers and Art Directors Association of the United (2002). The graphics book. Crans-Pre-Celigny, Hove, RotoVision SA.

Austin, R. L. (1984). Report graphics: a handbook for writing the design report. New York; London, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Austin, R. L. (1984). Site graphics. New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Austin, R. L. (1986). Graphic standards for landscape architecture. New York; Wokingham, Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Autodesk, I. (1992). AutoCAD release 12 reference manual. Neuchatel, Switzerland, Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk, P. (1998). "Learn AutoCAD R14: advanced productivity training.".

Avann, M., K. Wood, et al. (1980). User education in art and design: theory into practice. Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Newcastle-upon-Tyne Polytechnic Library, Ellison Place, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 8ST), ARLIS.

Avella, N. (2003). Paper engineering: 3D design techniques for a 2D material. Mies; Hove, RotoVision.

Awarding Body, C. (2004). Level 1 and 2 certificates in art, design and creative studies. Chorley, Awarding Body Consortium.

Awarding Body, C. (2004). Level 3 (awards, double awards, certificates & diploma) in graphic design. Chorley, Awarding Body Consortium.

Ayers, R. (1984). Graphics for television. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.; London, Prentice-Hall.

Aynsley, J. (2000). Graphic design in Germany 1890-1945. Berkley, University of California Press.

Aynsley, J. (2001). A century of graphic design: graphic design pioneers of the 20th century. London, Mitchell Beazley.

Aynsley, J. (2004). Pioneers of modern graphic design: a complete history. London, Mitchell Beazley.

Baburina, N. I., M. Anikst, et al. (1990). Russian graphic design. New York, NY, Abbeville Press.

Backemeyer, S. and D. Central Saint Martins College of Art and (2005). Picture this: the artist as illustrator. London, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in association with the Herbert Press.

Backemeyer, S. and W. Coates-Smith (1998). Eric Fraser: designer & illustrator. London, Lund Humphries.

Backlund, B., O. Hagsand, et al. (1989). Generation of graphic language-oriented design environments. [Spanga], Swedish Institute of Computer Science.

Baecker Ronald, M. and A. Marcus (1990). Human factors and typography for more readable programs, ACM Press.

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